Automation optimizes testing processes

Exova has invested in a robot that automatically performs the measurements of the critical dimensions of the test samples. The task is perfectly suitable for automation, as it is repetitive and requires a high level of precision.

  • All manual processes have an inherent risk of becoming bottlenecks in the operation. We realized that the process of measuring the test sample was perfectly suited for automation. Our new robot measures faster, and with a greater repeatability than a human being does, and we can provide you with more detailed geometric information about your samples.

Exova’s new robot can work around the clock and will allow the testing to get started soon after the samples reach the lab.

  • We know that keeping the lead times short is of utmost importance to our customers. By quickly identifying problems, such as a too great a variation in the dimensions of the samples, immediate actions can be taken to make sure the testing proceeds without interruption.

Automating the sample measurement makes the lab a more ergonomic workplace and decreases the risk of Exova staff suffering from repetitive strain injuries. It also and frees up time for them to add value in other ways.

Following the implementation of the new robot our personnel can spend more time on other tasks such as development and providing service to our customers. We are on an ongoing journey of automation and optimization, and although our new robot is an important step on the way, it is certainly not the last. We are constantly asking ourselves what else we can do better and in what ways we can improve quality and the customer experience.