Exova Small Projects – OFFER

Exova offers a Small Projects service that provides you with the opportunity to get started with smaller testing projects within three days. This service is designed to relieve your in-house lab during peak times by providing temporary testing capacity. Examples of testing needs that Exova can help you with are screening, development projects and testing for clients.

Thanks to the Exova online service and the Pipeson Analyzer software you will stay as updated on the progress as you would had the testing been performed in-house. Your test project is updated twice a day and all information pertaining to the test is available via a secure link at the click of a button.

Try for free!

Until Dec 30th, 2016, you can try our Small Projects service for free. Your free offer includes three samples (up to 32 mm / 1 inch and up to 2500 h). A three-month trial version of the Pipeson Analyzer software, that allows you to access your test data via Exova Online, is also included in this offer.

Please contact us to get you started! If you want to test additional samples we extend a 10% discount during this period.