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Our core business is to perform tests and evaluations, and there is no doubt that we do it well. We know that you turn to us with your testing needs because you trust the quality of our work, and we are also aware of the fact that it takes more than simply providing you with accurate and optimized results for you to have an excellent customer experience. That’s why we stay perceptive of the world around us and always strive to improve the quality and efficiency of our service.

One of the things we are very aware of is the fact that our customers continuously are optimizing their operations. Today fewer people are responsible for a greater number of tasks and that means that the person who is overseeing the test projects has less time to do so. Therefore we have created an online solution that provides our customers with a comprehensive overview of the current test status when they need it. All you need is a couple of seconds to get the full picture of your projects.

We are also very excited to share the news that we have invested in a robot for the measuring of pipe samples. This will take precision and quality to a new level. In practice it also means that your samples will be ready for testing just about as soon as they reach our lab. Our operations manager Jarno Hassinen shares more information about our robot in a separate article of this newsletter.


We wish you an innovative and productive spring,

Mattias Svedberg, Senior Project Manager at Exova

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