We are accredited according to ISO 17025 by SWEDAC.

You can read here the advantages of using an accredited lab.

Please contact us in order to have the latest list o faccredited test methods as Element Materials Technology AB have a so called flexible accreditation there might by a delay in the update of the Swedac document above.


Swedac offers flexible accreditation, which means that those authorised to use the flexible accreditation are entitled to upgrade, for example, add and modify the scope of their accreditation, without prior notice to Swedac.

Flexible accreditation requires that the body follows its routine for the introduction of new methods. Swedac retrospectively examines and evaluates the methodological changes made within the framework of flexibility.This means that the scope presented on the Swedac website does not always correspond with the scope that the accredited body itself presents. The body should always have an updated list of the methods that are current, and it must be presented whenever Swedac or any customer so requests. Flexibility can be given in different degrees, as evidenced by the accreditation scope.

For more information, see Swedac DOC 03:9. or SWEDAC.