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Accreditation and approvals


Element is accredited in accordance with the latest version of ISO/IEC 17025 to demonstrate our operational competence and our capability to generate valid results. This accreditation instills confidence in our work at an international level. Furthermore, the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC MRA) enhances the recognition of our testing practices across various countries. It eliminates the need for additional testing, thus reducing trade barriers and promoting international trade. The ultimate goal is to achieve the principle of free trade, where accreditation in one place is accepted everywhere.

Here you can read about the advantages of using an accredited laboratory.

You can find Element Material Testing AB – SWEDAC Scope of Accreditation for Nyköping here.


Element holds certifications for management and environmental systems. References and certificates can be provided on request.

ISO 9001 – International quality management system (QMS)
ISO 14001 – International standard for environmental management systems (EMS)


Element collaborates with various industry stakeholders to make a positive contribution to the industry’s growth. Our testing results are widely accepted through accreditations and approvals. Below is a list of organizations that accept and approve our data.

Certfication Bodies

Element believe that a co-operation between our independent testing and certification bodies across the globe will strengthen the industry and facilitate innovation. Some of them are presented below.

Certification bodies are organizations that provide an assessment, a certificate, based around the chosen standard. They review products against a standard, a criteria, or a code to ensure compliance of the product. Once a company have achieved the testing requirements set out in a product standard, the certification body will award a certificate to the company.


Element actively participates in standardization work and contributes to the development of testing standards and policies. We are members of standardization committees and trade associations, including ASTM, CEN, ISO, PPI, and SIS.

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