We test, you certify

Let us collaborate and join our core competence to deliver the industry a first-class service.

With Element as a collaborative partner, you will not only receive expertise in testing various international standards. You also get over 6,700 Engaged Experts in 200 facilities on 5 continents, we are the “go-to team” for all of your testing, inspection, and calibration needs.

At Element, we make a promise

  • We promise to invest in our relationship
  • We promise to invest in the needed capacity
  • We promise to invest in the needed capability

Our expertise covers test methods and procedures based on; ISO, CEN, ASTM, PPI, AS/NZS, DIN, GB, GOST, IS, ANSI, PPI TR-3, PPI TR-4.

Let us co-operate!

We believe co-operation between our independent testing and your certification will strengthen the industry and facilitate / foster innovation.

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I want to learn, and I want to co-operate, together with you!

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