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New Operations Manager of Element Plastic Pipes

Element is pleased to announce the appointment of Hans Carlstedt as the new Operations Manager for Element Plastic Pipes’ testing division starting from August 2022.

Hans holds an MSc in Metallurgical Process Engineering by KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm). He has more than 20 years of professional experience in the steel industry. His field of work has been in product development of high-strength steels, sustainability and circular economy. About half of time in senior positions, including Site Manager for SSAB Merox AB and Foria AB’s facility for industrial services in Oxelösund.

I have extensive experience in product and service development. Mostly in close collaboration with clients, says Hans. I look forward to learning a new technical field and getting to know new customer segments. I enjoy teamwork and I take pride in creating well-functioning goal-oriented groups. I make use of the knowledge and experience that I have acquired working with for example LEAN and 5S.

As Operations manager for Element Plastic Pipes’ testing division Hans will continue to expand the company’s successful business. That means to support and develop new services for the pipe industry’s future requirements.

With use of our high competence and long experience the business will be steered towards better sustainability and net zero CO2, Hans emphasizes. We will create a high-performing organization that everyone feels a part of and where every employee has the motivation and expertise to work with continuous improvements.

For further information, please contact:
Ella Andersson, Marketing Manager Nordics, Element

About Element Plastic Pipes
Element Plastic Pipes provides independent testing of plastic pipes for classification and lifetime evaluation. Element performs hydrostatic pressure testing, high flow circulation loop testing, chlorine resistance testing and chlorine dioxide resistance testing and have a capacity of 5,000 pipe samples.
The facility, located in Studsvik outside Nyköping, Sweden, is an independent testing institute that has been performing pressure tests on plastic pipes since 1972. Element Plastic Pipes primarily serve suppliers of plastic materials, plastic pipe manufacturers and end-users such as water companies and verification organizations, also provide in-house labs with extra testing capacity when needed.
Element Plastic Pipes is part of Element, one of the world’s leading and most respected partners within independent materials technology and metrology services. Together, we are more than 6,700 experts at 200 laboratories around the world.

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