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What is the future of third-party testing? Let us ask Shagan Dhillon, Business Development Manager for Element Plastic pipes testing, based in Sweden.

What are the market trends for third-party testing?
– We see increased demand for unbiased third-party testing. Many of our customers are for example big petrochemical plants, with recurring needs for swift, in-house pre-testing of new materials before the external compliance testing. But we also se the demand for third-party testing coming from certification bodies.

In what ways can Element help these customers?
– When the internal testing capacity is insufficient, Element can act as an extension of the customer’s own lab. A preferred set-up at Element is our flexible rental arrangement, which allows customers to quickly scale testing capacity up or down based on projects and demand. In this way our customers have access to quality testing equipment, always calibrated, ready to start the test, when needed. And this also gives the benefit of having expertise of our technical engineers. Put together an investment customer do not need to take. We take that for them.

Are there advantages having products tested by an independent laboratory?
– Absolutely! Our customers notice that having products tested at an unbiased company strengthens their credibility and gives their products a greater value to access new markets.

Does Element have the resources to meet the increased global demand for third-party testing?
– Yes, certainly! To respond to the rising demand, Element initiated dialogues with certification institutes across the globe. Today, this co-operative collaboration allow our customers to have their products tested by us, and thereafter certified by a certification institute of their choice. Element believes in collaboration. We invest to provide for the future demand thanks to the great trust we find in our customers. But we also provide to certification bodies who feel the same. That in the end, it’s always about our customers success and the plastic pipes industry’s possibility to stand strong and to able to facilitate great innovations for our common sustainability.

How long has Element offered third-party testing?
– Element has been providing unbiased testing since 1972. We have extensive experience in pressure testing and chlorine resistance testing, says Shagan Dillon. We provide expertise and guidance when it comes to test methods and procedures based on, for an example, ISO, CEN, ASTM, PPI, AS/NZS, DIN, GB, GOST, IS, ANSI, PPI TR-3 and PPI TR-4.

Thank you, Shagan. Is there anything that you would like to add?
– Only that at Element, we strongly believe that the cooperation between independent testing facilities and certification bodies will strengthen the entire industry. In the long run this means more innovation and higher customer satisfaction.

For more insights about plastic pipes testing or reach out to shagan.dhillon@element.com

About Element Plastic Pipes testing
Element is a global testing provider and a trusted testing partner in the world providing high value, critical standardized testing services to the plastic pipe materials manufacturers, pipe extruders, certification bodies and utility companies worldwide. Element delivers plastic pipes testing and expertise to provide independent, reliable and reproducible test data for life time evaluation and product classification, that helps our customers achieve certification for their end markets. Element is today a global provider for independent testing for the plastic pipes and fittings industry.

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