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Element encourage, continue to invest in innovation

Element strongly encourages you to maintain your commitment to innovation, even during periods of low demand. Your perseverance will position you as a frontrunner when the market inevitably resurges, as it inevitably will. Currently, you possess the resources, time, and capability to do so. Should you require additional capacity, rest assured that we are poised to offer our unwavering support.

Element is excited to announce the expansion of its plastic pipes testing capacity, aimed at catering to the plastic pipes industry. This move underscores our dedication to sustaining the industry’s upward trajectory of innovation, despite the prevailing negative economic climate in the realm of construction and building. In today’s landscape, innovation carries a substantial cost and is no longer guaranteed. Nonetheless, we urge you to persist in your innovative pursuits, says Shagan Dhillon, the Business Development Manager at Element’s plastic pipe testing laboratory in Sweden.

The contemporary economic landscape can significantly impact the course of developments and innovations within the plastic pipe industry, with effects such as:

  1. Diminished demand: In economic frailty, construction projects might dwindle, resulting in decreased demand for plastic pipes. This challenge could potentially hinder companies within the plastic pipe sector from channeling investments into the research and development of novel products and technologies.
  2. Sustainability focus: Today’s economic circumstances have elevated sustainability to a pivotal role for both companies and consumers. As a response, the plastic pipe industry may necessitate an evolution toward sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic pipes. Such a shift may entail increased investments by companies in the exploration of new materials and manufacturing methods.
  3. Technological leaps: Despite the economic hurdles, technological advancements continue to exert their influence on the plastic pipe industry. The integration of automation, digitization, and advanced materials holds the potential to enhance manufacturing efficiency and product quality. Companies operating within the plastic pipe domain may need to acclimate to these technological shifts to retain their competitive edge.
  4. Public sector investments: Under certain circumstances, governments might amplify their investments in infrastructure projects to stimulate economic growth. This scenario could trigger an upswing in the demand for plastic pipes, intended for deployment in water and sewage systems, electrical grids, and other infrastructure initiatives. Such circumstances could pave the way for groundbreaking innovations within the plastic pipe industry.
  5. Competition and consolidation: Challenging economic environments tend to foster heightened competition within the plastic pipe sector. In response, companies may be inclined to allocate resources towards innovation, thereby distinguishing themselves and providing enhanced value to their clientele. Concurrently, economic constraints might drive industry consolidation, wherein smaller entities could merge with or be absorbed by larger players.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that the impact of these factors may vary based on regional disparities and market dynamics. While the precise influence of the current economic climate on developments and innovations within the plastic pipe industry remains uncertain, one can reasonably expect a landscape defined by both challenges and prospects for industry players.

Here at Element, we are champions of innovation, dedicated to supporting our industry peers and clients as they embark on their journey towards pioneering breakthroughs and monumental achievements. Together, we possess the capability to manifest these aspirations. Ultimately, innovation, collaboration, and trust constitute the pillars of success.

To fortify our commitment to the industry and to facilitate the spirit of innovation among our customers, we are delighted to introduce expanded capacity for rental agreements.

Through this offering, our customers can effortlessly rent stations at our cutting-edge laboratories. This enables access to crucial quality test data for comprehensive evaluations, all without the burden of investing substantial funds in the acquisition of costly testing equipment. By utilizing Element’s equipment, businesses can channel their focus into product development and innovation, rather than grappling with the challenges of high interest rates.

Invest in innovation when demand is low and interest rates are high. And we stand ready to support you!

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