Element Online

24/7 access to all projects

Element Online provides all of our clients with 24/7 access to their Element test data. Ongoing projects are updated twice every working day to ensure that the most recent data is available to the clients. Historical test data is also available 24/7 making it quick and easy for Element clients to compare the results from current testing with data from previous projects.

Element Online based on the Pipeson platform

The Element Online data communication solution is built on the most recent Pipeson software platform. Access test data directly in the Pipeson Analyzer software and use the tools to monitor projects, evaluate data and to communicate the findings. The Element Online plugin (encrypted data access key) is loaded into Pipeson Analyzer and grants the user access to specific projects.

Get access

Please contact your project manager at Element to receive the Pipeson Analyzer plugin or learn more about Element Online. Element is an authorized reseller of Pipeson software and all Pipeson software needed in a specific project can be purchased via Element.