Transparent testing

Our core business is to perform tests and evaluations, and there is no doubt that we do it well. We know that you turn to us with your testing needs because you trust the quality of our work, and we are also aware of the fact that it takes more than simply providing you with accurate and optimized results for you to have an excellent customer experience. That’s why we stay perceptive of the world around us and always strive to improve the quality and efficiency of our service.

One of the things we are very aware of is the fact that our customers continuously are optimizing their operations. Today fewer people are responsible for a greater number of tasks and that means that the person who is overseeing the test projects has less time to do so. Therefore we have created an online solution that provides our customers with a comprehensive overview of the current test status when they need it. All you need is a couple of seconds to get the full picture of your projects.

We are also very excited to share the news that we have invested in a robot for the measuring of pipe samples. This will take precision and quality to a new level. In practice it also means that your samples will be ready for testing just about as soon as they reach our lab. Our operations manager Jarno Hassinen shares more information about our robot in a separate article of this newsletter.


We wish you an innovative and productive spring,

Mattias Svedberg, Senior Project Manager at Exova

Automation optimizes testing processes

Exova has invested in a robot that automatically performs the measurements of the critical dimensions of the test samples. The task is perfectly suitable for automation, as it is repetitive and requires a high level of precision.

  • All manual processes have an inherent risk of becoming bottlenecks in the operation. We realized that the process of measuring the test sample was perfectly suited for automation. Our new robot measures faster, and with a greater repeatability than a human being does, and we can provide you with more detailed geometric information about your samples.

Exova’s new robot can work around the clock and will allow the testing to get started soon after the samples reach the lab.

  • We know that keeping the lead times short is of utmost importance to our customers. By quickly identifying problems, such as a too great a variation in the dimensions of the samples, immediate actions can be taken to make sure the testing proceeds without interruption.

Automating the sample measurement makes the lab a more ergonomic workplace and decreases the risk of Exova staff suffering from repetitive strain injuries. It also and frees up time for them to add value in other ways.

Following the implementation of the new robot our personnel can spend more time on other tasks such as development and providing service to our customers. We are on an ongoing journey of automation and optimization, and although our new robot is an important step on the way, it is certainly not the last. We are constantly asking ourselves what else we can do better and in what ways we can improve quality and the customer experience.

Exova Small Projects – OFFER

Exova offers a Small Projects service that provides you with the opportunity to get started with smaller testing projects within three days. This service is designed to relieve your in-house lab during peak times by providing temporary testing capacity. Examples of testing needs that Exova can help you with are screening, development projects and testing for clients.

Thanks to the Exova online service and the Pipeson Analyzer software you will stay as updated on the progress as you would had the testing been performed in-house. Your test project is updated twice a day and all information pertaining to the test is available via a secure link at the click of a button.

Try for free!

Until Dec 30th, 2016, you can try our Small Projects service for free. Your free offer includes three samples (up to 32 mm / 1 inch and up to 2500 h). A three-month trial version of the Pipeson Analyzer software, that allows you to access your test data via Exova Online, is also included in this offer.

Please contact us to get you started! If you want to test additional samples we extend a 10% discount during this period.

Exova Client Data Management – Access your completed projects

Exova has launched a new service called Exova Client Data Management providing our customers with online access to data of completed projects. The solution is based on the Pipeson Pipe Data Flow System platform. Exova Client Data Management saves time as it provides all authorized individuals with instant access to the data. Communication becomes seamless and it’s easy to find data. Additional value can be extracted from both current and historical test data, for example by finding data you didn’t know existed and by making it easy to compare all available data.


There is no additional charge for use of Exova Client Data Management but access requires Pipeson software as the Pipeson communication format is used. Exova customers who already use Pipeson Analyzer or Pipeson Data Manager can tap into this data resource instantly. All you need is an encrypted data access key provided by Exova.

Small projects – Testing just in time

From time to time your organization may experience the need for additional pressure test capacity. It can arise for various reasons and delays may incur additional costs. Exova Small project can be described as an extension of your internal capacity and this service provides our customers with the opportunity to get started on smaller testing projects in our accredited lab within three days.

  • Test one pipe or several at any temperature and stress/pressure
  • Get started quickly and monitor the status via Pipeson software
  • Pricing that will match the cost of performing the tests at your own lab

NEW SERVICE- Exova Client Data Management

In September 2014 Exova launched a new service called Exova Client Data Management. This new service is based on the latest Pipeson software platform and enhances Exova’s clients data management. Exova’s clients can now get 24/7 online access to all completed projects performed at Exova.

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