Circulation loop – high flow

We have several test rigs where can test with flow volumes up to 2 m3 per h and high temperatures.



Each circulation loop has ten test positions which are individually controlled in terms of flow rates. Temperatures between 20 and 120°C can be studied. The apparatus also has the facility to introduce fresh water at a predetermined ratio to simulate specific end use situations. Each test position has the scope to accommodate ”pipe bend” samples and client’s own choice of fitting systems. Pipe diameters between 8 and 32 mm can be tested.



By closely simulating end use conditions the system is ideal for product development projects with respect to studying:

– Influence of fittings, valves and welding techniques on pipe performance

– Pipe wall erosion and the influence of high water turbulence

– Extraction of antioxidants

– Comparison with hydrostatic pressure testing