Determination of long-term hydrostatic strength

ASTM D2837 / PPI TR-3 (HDB), ISO 9080 (MRS)

A complete evaluation includes hydrostatic pressure testing for generation of test data followed by regression analysis for determination of the long term hydrostatic strength, and finally classifcation of HDB (Hydrostatic Design Basis) or MRS (Minimum Required Strength).

·  HDB classifcation to ASTM D2837 is based on the long-term hydrostatic strength at 73°F (23°C) and 100 000 hours.
MRS classifcation to ISO 9080 is based on the long-term hydrostatic strength at 20°C and 50 years.

Test conditions

For cold water and gas pipe materials the common test temperatures are 20°C, 60°C and 80°C and for hot water materials 20°C, 70°C, 95°C and 110°C are normally used. For ASTM standards Farenheit temperatures are used.


Element has performed more than 300 different evaluations according to ASTM D2837 and/or ISO 9080, covering

·  PE
·  PP
·  PB
·  PEX
·  PE-RT
·  PVC
·  PSu

Accurate pipe measurement

High precision measurements of all critical dimensions of the test samples are carried out by a robot cell. The procedure is ideal for automation of the repetitive work where high precision is required.