Please note! The materials below are classified according to ISO 12162. For additional application requirements please refer to the relevant standard. If you cannot download a specific case do not hesitate to contact us!


Globalene 8001 – LCY Chemical Corp (Dec-11)

Hostalen PP H5416 K – PolyMirae Company Ltd. (April-10)

INNOPOL CS 4-8000 ZF – INNO COMP (Jan-12 )

CarmelTech QB 79P Carmel Olefins (Mar-01)

PROFAX Sl146N – Indelpro (May-12)

Tipplen CS 4-8000 Grey Inno-comp (Aug-01)

RP2400 Grey Korea Petrochemical (Apr-03)

PR210X6E Natural Repsol Química (Mar-01)

Propilco PP 01R25-T Polipropileno Del Caribe S.A. (Jun-07)


Case 305