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Element client data management

Element has launched a new service called Element Client Data Management providing our customers with online access to data of completed projects.

Instant access to the data

The solution is based on the Pipeson Pipe Data Flow System platform. Element Client Data Management saves time as it provides all authorized individuals with instant access to the data. Communication becomes seamless and it’s easy to find data. Additional value can be extracted from both current and historical test data, for example by finding data you didn’t know existed and by making it easy to compare all available data.

There is no additional charge for use of Element Client Data Management but access requires Pipeson software as the Pipeson communication format is used. Element customers who already use Pipeson Analyzer or Pipeson Data Manager can tap into this data resource instantly. All you need is an encrypted data access key provided by Element.

Who can benefit?

All customers who have performed tests at Element, can benefit from this service. All authorized stakeholders can seamlessly access the data and put current test data into context by comparing it with historical test data in completed projects. It saves time and generates additional value from the data.

How to use?

Access your Element test data from the Element test databases via Pipeson Analyzer or Pipeson Data Manager. Use Pipeson Analyzer to analyze the data, predict lifetime and compare performance. Communicate your findings in the format of your choice with other stakeholders. Element Client Data Management provides you with a bird’s eye view of all your test projects and your entire pipe test data bank at Element.

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